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    Narrative of your dreams

    Texas Whiskey, Activision News, Bungie and Destiny News, Netflix sharing, Star Trek News, Beer News and Parenting.

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    Personal Hover Bikes.

    Bourbon, more problems at Blizzard, dance floor deseases, VR consoles, Hover bikes, banned game key resales, where do you poop at Hogwarts? and Chinese smart campus.

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    Gifted Whiskey!

    Gifted Whiskey, gaming news, movie releases, 18 foot pythons, Manure Couture, kids behaving badly

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    Sorry for the sniffles

    Gaming News, Crypto-Currency, AI News casters, Gary Sinise Foundation.

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    Plastipoop (Lord Help Us)

    Rogue Distillery, Squatters Craft Beer, "Buy in Large," Blizz news, patient zero, people pooping plastic and parenting.

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    Bantha Milk!

    Errrrrrbody in the podcast gets tipsy, Bantha Milk Candles? Ubisoft Censorship, LET YOUR KIDS FAIL, Tundra Pizza makers

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    ALIENS! Bad mouthing Stan Lee, Politics in Gaming?

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    RIP Stan

    Gaming, RIP Stan Lee, Disney +, Invested Poo....

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    Grapefruit IPA, Blizzhate, Fallout 76, 5 Avatar movies, RDR2, Archie, iPhone X, SnapCrap, Parenting

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